Travel Made Easy!


I get asked all the time “Danny, how do you afford to travel and enjoy a life in NYC?”

It’s not easy by all means but you have to be smart when traveling.

  1. I would suggest getting an airline card to receive miles while spending. My choice of card is the Delta American Express Platinum. Most of the year Delta will offer you bonus miles when you spend a certain amount of money within the first three months of opening a new card. If you can wait until this holiday season they usually offer 60-70k miles free after spending a set amount. Currently they are offering 30k miles which is usually a round trip or a few small distance trips. The card that I chose was the Delta American Express as you receive pretty good benefits.
    • Free Checked Luggage (Savings of $25)
    • 2x Points for every Delta Purchase (Big Win for when you purchase Delta flights)
    • 20% off in-flight purchases (Yes on those $12 boxes)
    • A yearly companion pass (Free flight for whoever you wanna travel with)
  2.  Sign up for any hotel memberships that are free like Marriott Rewards or IHG Rewards. You can redeem points for free stays on your next trip!
  3. Be smart when purchasing flights, hotels, packages and car rentals (they usually have rewards as well). Always shop different sites to compare prices. Sometimes items are cheaper on actual company sites rather than Priceline, etc. (I usually purchase late night and find the cheapest prices then)
  4. Another way to cut cost is to travel with someone! Cutting hotel room prices and rental car prices in half can help a ton! This can add extra money to other things that you might want to do. (Only travel with people who you have traveled with before as you do not want to ruin a trip by a Debbie Downer)
  5. Lastly, have a travel budget! Save each month for traveling whether the trip is one month away or six months away. Every Friday I have it so my checking account automatically transfers $20 to my savings account. At the end of the month, if I can transfer more money I do so.

Hopefully these little tips will help when planning your next trip!


Marriott Rewards –
Delta American Express –



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